Custom Knock-down Containers for Hard to Reach Locations

Is your location inaccessible by trailer, while you still want a shipping container office on your site? This option may be suitable for you.

We will build your custom steel or container portable building from the ground up using steel structures and container panels (or any other material, for that matter) anywhere.

In Kemang, South Jakarta, we built this cozy 2-storey container office building (Picture 1) in the backyard of the office building of renowned content creator R66 Media. Inaccessible by trailer or forklift, we built this structure from the ground up, using steel frames and shipping container panels.

In Tebet, South Jakarta, we built a special emergency room for covid-19 patients (Picture 2 and 3), which greatly helped the RSUD Tebet general hospital treat its influx of covid-19 patients during the second wave of the pandemic. Nestled beside the hospital building, its location was also inaccessible by trailer or forklift. We built this from the ground up, using steel structures and ACP panels. The building is currently used as an extension of the emergency room.

In Salemba, Central Jakarta, we built a studio for the Ikatan Dokter Anak Indonesia, located on the roof of the 3-storey building. This location was also impossible to access by crane, and we lifted the materials piece by piece to the rooftop, to construct this portable building which houses the podcast studio for IDAI.

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